Food Retail

HARTING Systems offers the entire cash register zone for food retail from a single source. From the cash desk to storage and distribution systems right to portal software and suitable shelf elements.

We supply you with all the necessary components to design from designing the checkout area as an integrated part and the success of your store.

We offer you an extensive portfolio of cash desks: narrow, wide, long even short. We have the right product for your market.

Impulse goods are a must-have at the checkout. Our “Flexline” shelving system ensures optimum arrangement of these. It should be noted that our shelving system closes all gaps and therefore no valuable sales area is lost.

Cigarettes and tobacco products have also become an indispensable part at the checkout zone.

These products belong to the easy-care range. However these are price-linked and as a rule there is no best-before date that needs to be verified. There are hardly any sales fluctuations. According to the industry, the most common problem in the area of tobacco products is the permanent availability and optimal placement of tobacco products.
Out-of-stock moments must be avoided. This leads to dissatisfaction among customers and can lead to a loss of sales.

HARTING Systems offers vending machines for the food retail trade that allow you to avoid both. In addition, our systems offer a high degree theft protection.

The SmokyThek, for example, a sales system for cigarettes, that can be installed in places that you would not normally consider for such high-priced products. Only the storage system is placed in such places. The customer sees the products listed neatly on a touch PC, presses on it and receives the articles afterwards.

By operating our systems with a touch PC, a full inventory control can be maintained at all time.
Out-of-Stock issues become a thing of the past. In addition, you will also be able to analyze your sales targets and adjust your purchases accordingly.

Similarly to cigarettes, razor blades that also belong to the high end priced products, which sometimes end up in pockets.
Here we can offer a solution to the food and retail trade.

In the following you will find more detailed information about our extensive portfolio of cashier desks, shelving systems and vending machines. You are also welcome to contact us. We are looking forward to your inquiries.

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