Cigarette machines

HARTING Systems has been making history with cigarette vending machines for decades. It started in 1959, when the company became the first in Europe to produce these machines. In 1995 the Towerline was founded, which can still be found in many restaurants today, despite the smoking ban.

Due to the aforementioned smoking ban, production has been stopped in the meantime.

This has changed in 2017 when the Towerline Touch cigarette vending machine was launched.

Parts of the technology within the Towerline have proven to be still successful today and was upgrade with new components of today.

The cigarette vending machine has a stylish design and even l ooks slimmer than its predecessor due to the use of different materials. Nevertheless, there have been no reductions in regards to the capacity, as the case still holds up to 460 packets.
The Towerline Touch is not only an eye-catcher due to its appearance.The Touch PC is located behind a safety glass panel. Here the customer will find, in a clear presentation, the products that are contained in the device including the prices.
With a selection of up to 35 types contained within the machine, selection is made intuitively by pressing the touch screen.
After the product has been selected the customer has the option to pay for the product either by means of cash (coin or bank note) or by debit card. Through the use of the money card, the protection of minors can be guaranteed like in the past as well as today.
In the future, the contactless payment function via NFC (Near Field Communication) will also be available. The first tests are already in progress. In addition to these functions, the system has a telemetry connection. This optimizes processes, because the transparency of the machine will be increased. This makes it easier to plan refills and drives to the units. In addition to the robust sheet steel housing, the telemetry function provides additional safety.

Whether restaurant, congress centre or airport – the Towerline Touch cigarette vending machine always makes a good impression.

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