Shop shelves

The extensive portfolio of sweets, razor blades, batteries and other small articles are still available at the cashier are. It’s hard to imagine them not being there.

HARTING shelving systems guarantee optimum presentation of impulse goods at the checkout area.

Due to the high variability of our shelving system, both in height and width the establishments requirements for this area can be optimally realized.

  • Available with three heights: 1310, 1410 and 1510 mm
  • Shelf frames with fixed widths of: 300, 600 and 860 mm
  • Shelf frames with flexible widths of 600-1030 mm for perfect closure of gaps
  • Shelves with depths of 200, 250, 300 and 350 mm and attachable depth extension by 50 mm in width and depths
  • Adjustable shelving with three inclines with an integrated wing function
  • Perforated wall, allows double hook with various widths and lengths
  • Scanner tag bars com with various widths and heights
  • Shelving for both the tandem and single cashier desk

You will notice that with the shelving and frames you are not restricted to a shop fitting dimension, but can choose freely.

Through the flexible adaptation of the shelf frames and shelves, our systems guarantee an optimal closure to gaping. This provides even more space for impulse articles as well as less corners and edgings in which dirt could accumulate.

End cap display
The presentation of the impulse articles in the cashier register area can be completed by using an end cap display. This can be individually adapted to your requirements and can be equipped on request with lighting or a wooden frame. The end cap display is available in different dimensions to achieve an optimal gap reduction at the front of the end cap display.

The most important information on the end cap display at a glance

  • Available in three heights 1310, 1410 and 1510 mm
  • The shelving is with fixed frames with widths of: 600 and 860 mm
  • The shelving frames come in flexible width from 600-1030 mm
  • The shelves come with depths of 200, 250, 300 and 350 mm

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