FlexLine is the uninterrupted shelving system.

The sensible use of all space in stationary retail is of great importance for the sale of goods and the creation of turnover. The last port of call is the checkout area, which represents one of the most profitable square metres.

The limited space that is available here should therefore be managed in the best possible way. The new “FlexLine” shelving system from HARTING closes gaps and creates even more sales space

  • Available with three heights 1310, 1410 and 1510 mm
  • Flexible and complete adaptation to every cash desk
  • Shelving frames can be extended in width
  • Shelves have an interconnecting function, that come in variable depth extension by 50 mm
  • Shelves can be adjusted to three inclines to optimize product presentation
  • The back panel comes with Euro perforated
  • Quick and easy assembly is on site, requiring minimal tools
Available in heights: 1310, 1410 and 1510 mm
Fixed widths: 300, 600 and 860 mm
Flexible width: 600-1035 mm
Best possible management of the checkout zone