We offer you a portfolio of wooden furniture for the perfect integration of the TowerlineShop and the secure sale of high-priced non-food articles.
The wooden showcases “WoodLine” are often used at info-/ or tobacco poitns. In order to design this point of sale individualle, the colour of the furniture can easily be adapted to the shop fitting concept.

The continuous head and base elements, as well as the image development of the wooden fronts, create a very high-quality uniform overall impression.

Showcase for TowerlineShop

  • Optimised housing for the TowerlineShop tobacco system
  • Base cabinet for storage
  • Integrated return tray

Showcase open placement

  • Available in widths B640 and B1280
  • Optionally with LED
  • Optionally with lockable glass door or roller shutter

Details Woodline

Showcase for TowerlineShop 48
Showcase for TowerlineShop 96
Showcase open placement B640
Showcase open placement B1280
Locking option glass door
Locking option ruller shutter panel