We offer you a portfolio of wooden furniture for the perfect integration of the TowerlineShop and the secure sale of high-priced non-food articles. WoodLine is often used at information points or tobacco points. In order to design these points of sale individually, the elements of the head, showcase and base cabinet can be colour to fit the shops concept without any issues.

The end-to-end, head and base elements, as well as the image handling of the wooden fronts creates a valuable and conforming overall impression.

Showcase for TowerlineShop

  • Optimized housing for the TowerlineShop tobacco system
  • Base cabinet for storage
  • Integrated return tray

Showcase 3x glass flap

  • 3 solid floors
  • Safety glass (ESG) flaps
  • 1 open compartment
  • Base cabinet with shelf

Display case Glass sliding door or display case Glass door

  • 3 flexible shelves
  • ESG glass doors
  • 1 open compartment
  • Base unit with shelves


  • Dimensions freely selectable

Details Woodline

Showcase for TowerlineShop
Showcase with 3x glass flap
Glass sliding door display case
Glass door display case
Display case open placement
Wood colour according to customer requirements