Vending machines

Clever placement and safe selling
We can look back on many years of experience within field of article surveillance of high-priced, high risk theft products. We are proud to say that we are specialists in the field of vending systems and cigarette vending machines.

With us you receive everything from the selection unit, over the storage and output systems up to the software and sequentially building up system elements from one source.

It doesn’t matter whether you operate a small, medium-sized or wholesale market, a convenience store or even a petrol station. We offer you an extensive selection of vending and cigarette vending machines in different sizes for different applications.

Our vision is to transform your point-of-sale into an integrated part of your company’s success.

The shop and sales area are an important commodity in the retail trade. Our dispensing systems are cleverly placed in locations you wouldn’t normally consider as sales areas for high-priced products. The optimal adaptation to your shopfitting concept is of course guaranteed.

Analyze your sales data and find out which products are your top sellers and say goodbye to out-of-stock moments.

Higher sales will reduce your capital commitment costs. The certainty that the desired product is always in stock always makes your consumers smile.

With our system solutions, you decide on maximum security and not just one point – that much is certain.

Theft protection: Tobacco products are a sensitive and competitively priced products.
Unauthorized access and inventory differences can be avoided by secure storage.

Legal certainty: Our vending machines comply with the regulations in the Tobacco Products
Directive and can be adapted to meet the legal requirements of other regional markets.

A safe investment: Our systems are credible now and in the future. Our modular extensions and
updated control units ensure that your system’s technology stays state-of-the-art.

Convinced? Then take a closer look in detail at our solutions.

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