Sweet ‘n‘ Safe

With the Sweet ‘n’ Safe you no longer have to live without the valuable turnover of impulse goods in the self-service checkout areas. The combination of anti-theft protection and sales promotion ensures a measurable revival in this increasingly important cashier area.

  • Direct impulse generation through sound, light and design.
  • Activation of the features that increase attention by means of a proximity sensor.
  • The system comes in three different capacities.
  • When tobacco products are sold, there is a signal tone which requests the release of the tobacco product. Approval must be given by a member of staff.
  • Product selection by the customer himself.

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50 Sorts <470 Packs 1840 mm shelf space
50 Sorts <470 Packs 112 tobacco boxes / bags 3500 mm shelf space
50 Sorts <470 Packs 3500 mm shelf space